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Eco Pottery Breakfast Gift Set | Matte Black

Eco Pottery Breakfast Gift Set | Matte Black

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Pottery sets are made from organic cork & earthenware ceramic. Mugs are naturally Insulated to keep your drinks warm.


MADE IN: Portugal

VALUES: Eco-Friendly, Gives Back, Women Owned


We make beautiful things out of sustainable materials. Those beautiful things are affordable, innovative and inspired by a natural world we're committed to protect. Organic, unbleached cotton, compostable cloth, recycled plastics, ceramics and ethically-sourced cork; we only take what the planet's happy to give us, and in turn we give back by creating cleverly-designed things for your home. We love that so many of you care about what you buy and where it comes from. Equally, we know it matters to you that the same things are as important to us, that we also take great care about the impacts of what we do. LIGA is our business and how we make our living, but it's also our family, who we are, how we live and what we believe in. LIGA (pronounced Leega) came about when our founder Jennie was on the hunt for great eco-friendly products that were useful, practical and affordable. She really struggled to find what she was looking for both in the UK and on overseas buying trips, so she decided to design her own collection, which launched in January 2017 She didn’t have a clear direction on which products she would design, she just knew they had to be made from sustainable materials, have a purpose and be affordable.

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